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London Small YouTubers React to the YouTube Partner Update

January 18, 2018

As we’re sure everyone has already noticed, YouTube has announced some key changes to their Partner Program, a programme which allows creators to monetise their videos for a percentage of ad revenue. You’ve likely also noticed the small creator community having quite a lot to say about the issue as well. While LSY has made a handy post explaining the update and what it means for the small creator community, we thought it would be helpful to weigh in on what creators are thinking about the change on a more personal level.


We love when our members discuss topics that relate to us and were blown away by the more than 100 comments that were left debating the issue in the Network. Some creators saw the change as a positive, with Aaron of r’enbe saying, “Hopefully this remedies the ad-pocalypse somewhat. If this had happened a few months ago, we probably wouldn't have seen YouTubers like Nerdcubed having minor breakdowns.”


However, others are skeptical and think this is another example of YouTube forgetting the little guy. Joey from ThatJoeyFella says, “With every change they make, it f***s over small YouTubers and benefits big YouTubers, Vevo, and mainstream media channels. I've felt for a while that they want to just be the place you go to for mainstream media, and not creators anymore. Once again that feeling has been backed up.”


While there are always debates on the ramifications YouTube’s changes could possibly have on small creators, a common fear from the community surrounding the update is that YouTube has a preference for promoting monetised videos, with creator Mandy Celine from Mandy fearing, “Big problem here is, unmonitised content isn't prioritised in searches and sub boxes and appears lower down.”


However, after research, we haven’t found any concrete evidence that this is the case, with YouTube explaining, “Our goal is to get people to watch more videos that they enjoy so that they come back to YouTube regularly.” From what we can tell, YouTube doesn’t favor content that is monetised, just content that keeps audiences on YouTube watching for longer.


So where does this update leave the small creator community?



We at LSY have long believed in the power of community building and supporting each other. While it may seem like YouTube is continually changing, and not always in ways which help us personally, we believe that the skills learned by making videos are valuable. Finding a network of like-minded creators, learning new creative skills, and making awesome videos you’re proud of is at the heart of the ‘Small Youtube community’ - monetised or not.


At the end of the day, this change from YouTube can be a positive shift if we let it be. For those of us wanting to make YouTube part of a career, use this to work to hit those goals with the knowledge that when you get there, the platform will be more stable and have more to offer.


What do you think of the YouTube Partner Program update? Let us know below.


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