YouTube conference for growing creators

In 2018, we put on 4 roundtables, 4 talks, 8 panels and over 30 speakers for over 100 up & coming YouTube creators during an all day conference.




We were over the moon to have amazingly talented creators on our panels, including LaurBubble, Amber Doig-Thorne, Simon Clark, Gurj Sohanpal and Cassie Samji.

Some of our favourite panels were 'YouTube Is My Liiiiyfe, But Not My Career' on how to use YouTube to further your non-social media career, 'Shameless Spon' on how to work with brands as a micro-creator, and 'Ooo, that's very niche' featuring some of YouTube's nichest creators.



Weaved amongst the panels, we were thrilled with our speakers and their TubeTalks to discuss their particular areas of expertise.

Tom Martin (Channel Fuel) spoke about the mechanics of YouTube and what we needed to know in 2018/19. Paul Sampson (Lickd) covered the importance of the right music in videos, the legalities and how to use your favourite copyright music. James and Kiimmy talked about how they work as a team to bring their content to life. Lastly, Charlie Firth (former YouTube employee) brought to life her career path and gave advice for anyone interested in pursuing social media professionally.



Alongside the panels and talks, we had a couple of experts lead roundtables to give attendees an opportunity to chat, network, give insight and ask their questions about their particular interests.

The topics covered were creators making music in 'Banging Choons', making films in 'Pretentious Filmmakers', educational content in 'Educating the Masses', and a generally themed '#Content' workshop to talk about finetuning what you already do.


We'd like to thank our attendees and panellists of course for coming along and making the day so rewarding.

But a particular shoutout needs to be made for our incredible volunteers who were involved the the planning and management of the day. From brainstorming panels to contacting creators, from setting up the Camden Collective late into the night the day before to assisting attendees and panellists during the day. These guys were absolutely unbelievable.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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