Connect with influencers, find any niche.

We have creators all over the world with anything from a small but loyal following, to hefty numbers in the multiple thousands. In any niche, in any area, we can connect you with the perfect influencer.



We have a regular venue in Camden which we utilise for most of our events - but sometimes we like to mix things up!

Do you have a venue that you want to let people know about? Would it be suitable for a workshop or a meetup? Let us know and we can see if it would suit us to host one of our regular events there with a social media strategy to shout about you far and wide.

In the past we have worked with the Loop Bar, Ugly Duck and Hoxton Cabin in London.


Do you have an event and would like to invite influencers along to participate with coverage? We'd be more than happy to share the invitation widely with our members, or help you handpick relevant creators from our communities.

In the past we have worked with BeautyCon, DistilleryUK, the Disasters Emergency Committee, and more.



Do you want to know how creators and influencers think? Are you new to YouTube and influencer marketing and would like to learn more? Do you have a product to test or something you need feedback on?

In the past we have worked with companies like Social Circle to test their product and provide immediate feedback. We have also worked with various beauty companies to provide product reviews with a small group of our beauty creators.



Almost anything can turn into a sponsored event, it depends on who you are and what you need.


We can do simple sponsored events where spokespeople can give a presentation and a tab is put on the bar as we have with Funzing. We can host a competition to create content for your company as we have with We can host a social event with our members as we have with ChelSki and Clip'N'Climb. We can offer our members redeemable codes during sponsored events as we have with TubeBuddy. The options are endless!


We have lots of expert members in our group, from videographers to sound and lighting specialists to photographers to directors. Some of our members are YouTube certified, ASA certified, and have been YouTube Space Ambassadors.

If you need a speaker for your event, or a panelist or moderator, or would like to hire someone for your latest project, let us know and we can put you in touch with incredibly talented people.


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Get in touch with us today with any questions or business opportunities.

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