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We have a core Facebook network ‘The Small YouTubers Organisation’ to connect creators, and splinter local groups including ‘London Small YouTubers’ that organise meetups and events for local creators.


We want to connect with like-minded people with a passion for creating YouTube videos, to learn new skills, make new friends and connect with businesses and brands.

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Our local groups host meetups at least once a month. This allows members to take some time out of their busy schedules to talk pure YouTube, present news, give tips, ask questions, and get advice.

Our local groups also host workshop afternoons, guided by more experienced YouTubers, as well as guest experts. 


We talk a lot about YouTube, so sometimes it’s nice to take a break and indulge in something a little more social. On an ad hoc basis, our local groups arrange freelancer brunches, fun activities, and seasonal socials.


Brands know this is the age of the influencer. With thousands of micro-macro influencers in our groups, we are uniquely placed to connect creators with brands and businesses.

Through The Small YouTubers Organisation, companies have launched competitions and campaigns for and with our members, provided free products, and hosted sponsored evening socials and focus groups to speak directly to creators.

Sav, SavanFilms

The Small YouTubers Organisation is a great community who are really understanding and supportive. Those who run the London Small YouTubers are amazing and are an important part of the YouTube community in London.

Louise, Digital Nomad Girl

I was searching for YouTubers to collaborate with and stumbled upon a vlog of a meetup. I went to a meetup just a few days later. I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was and how much I learnt in just an hour.

Tom, FAQTube

I'm a member of so many Facebook groups full of spam and bad advice. The Small YouTubers Organisation is a genuine community that is well run and curated but more important is full of members with a passion for YouTube, growing their channels but also helping each other.


February 21, 2019

During the first ever VidCon London, we had the opportunity to interview VidCon CEO/GM Jim Louderback. We quizzed him on the Viacom takeover, what finally brought VidCon to London and what the convention actually does for smaller YouTubers specifically.

February 13, 2018

Adding music to your videos is an important step in making your content high quality and personable to you. Music selection can help audiences become immersed in your videos, while also adding your own flair. The type of music accompanying your videos combined with the way you edit the sound into the content can quickly become a symbol of your unique style on YouTube.

While there is a wide library of music across the internet,...

January 18, 2018

As we’re sure everyone has already noticed, YouTube has announced some key changes to their Partner Program, a programme which allows creators to monetise their videos for a percentage of ad revenue. You’ve likely also noticed the small creator community having quite a lot to say about the issue as well. While LSY has made a handy post explaining the update and what it means for the small creator community, we thought it would...

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